Pediatric Urologist in Nagpur

Is a common condition, in which the boy passes urine from the undersurface of the penis. Depending on the severity, it can be just below the Tip,( mild) to on the penis shaft ( moderate) , to scrotal/perineal region(sever). There may be associated downwards bending of the Penis, ( chordee) which if severe can hamper intercourse.


It is a structural malformation hence needs correction by surgery. Medicines cant treat hypospadias.

Between 6 months to  2 yrs. The child should pee normally before going to school

Most patients will need a single surgery . If the penis is severely bent , child may need a second surgery too. In some patients who develop a fistula , a second procedure may be needed.

Most patients will not have a foreskin after surgery. However ,in few distal  hypospadias  cases , it may be possible to retain it, on the parents request

3 – 4  days is the normal stay after which , most kids can be sent home with the catheter.

With all due precautions taken , there should not be any risk to life and the outcome is successful.