Antenatal Anamoly Counsellor

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Antenatal Anamoly Counsellor

To learn more about the content of the method of prenatal counselling for anomaly detection among pregnant Muslim Moroccan women. Health Education (HE) and Decision-Making Support (DMS) are both purposes of antenatal counselling for congenital anomaly testing. Building and maintaining a client–midwife relationship (CMR) is viewed as a prerequisite for these two counselling duties to be possible. However, nothing is known about how these functions are carried out in the real world.


The choices of pregnant Muslim Moroccan women for counselling may be summarised in three primary conclusions. To begin with, pregnant Muslim Moroccan women emphasised the necessity of having precise and complete information about the tests and any defects that may be discovered. Second, pregnant Muslim Moroccan women wanted counsellors to start talks about moral issues and how they relate to the women’s religious beliefs and values, allowing them to make an educated decision about whether or not to engage in the screening tests. Finally, Muslim Moroccan women who are pregnant want a counsellor who respects and treats them as individuals with an Islamic background. The counsellor should be well-versed on Islamic rules that pertain to the anomalous testing.

Key conclusions:

Pregnant Muslim Moroccan ladies wanted to be fully educated about prenatal abnormality testing and to be asked about their own views on life by a counselor with a real interest in the client and practical understanding of Islamic beliefs about the worth of life.

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